Street Photography … in colour – November 2014

Photograph the clothes in colour; photograph the soul in black and white.

Black and White or Colour?

Shooting Black and White requires a lot of trust from the photographer to the viewer.  The photographer trusts the viewer to see past social norms and quickly get beyond the question, “why is this in black and white?”


The colour of the woman’s skin is not important.  The colour of the floor is not important; nor is the colour of the gloves or the clothes.   What is important to me, and what I want the viewer to see, is the woman’s expression of confusion; the shape of the glove pointing in a particular direction.

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— What do you think? —

Do you like prefer your photos to be black and white or in colour? Do you prefer the first image, of the cross-eyed boy to be in colour or black and white?  Which of these images would you prefer to see in Black and White? Or in Colour?  Does colour add to these images?  Or distract?

Ducking – Tsim Tsa Tsui 2013


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It’s hard to comprehend how a rubber yellow duck can bring so many people together. The rubber duck project was started by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. The duck graced Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour in May of 2013. Something as simple … Continue reading

Stranger #31 Carl

Stranger #31 Carl

2013.11 (sometime)  – Tsim Tsa Tsui, Hong Kong

I was fortunate enough to meet Carl in the middle of Tsim Tsa Tsui.  I asked, and he agreed to pose for me as he was curious about the large format camera that I was using.  It has taken 3 years for Carl to grow those awesome dreads.

Carl (2013)

Carl (2013)

Stranger #30 – Robert


Stranger #30 – Robert
2013.10.14 – Wan Chai


I was invited to attend, observe and photograph a Sikh ceremony, Phalia Prakash Sri Guru Granth Sahib. This ceremony celebrates the Guru Granth Sahib was bestowed the title of being the eternal and final Sikh Guru. This procession took place in Wan Chai in Hong Kong, the oldest Sikh Temple which has a long history during the colonization of Hong Kong. The Sikh religion doesn’t evangelize or seek out new believers like in many other religions, which is why I found it interesting when I met Robert.

Robert is studying in Hong Kong. He initially came to Hong Kong living from hand to mouth; from one couch to the next. In his travels, he was welcomed by the Sikh temple. Over time, he came to know their faith and eventually adopted it as his own. This was his first time getting his head wrapped and commented that it was very much like the echo people hear when they walk around with their fingers stuck in their ears. This made him a little hard of hearing.

A special shout out to Manpreet for coordinating the event and allowing people like myself to shoot there.

Photo Essay: Chiang Mai, Thailand


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Tourists often visit this area of Thailand for the massages and to better avoid the busier lifestyle of other areas of Thailand like Bangkok. That being said, Chiang Mai has more often than not been treated as a ‘Tourist Destination’ … Continue reading